Prof. Dr. Alam Zeb
Sr no. Author(s) Title Publication Year Journal Volume(Issue) Pages URL
1.) S. Ahmad, Alam Zeb, S. Ullah Effects of aqueous extract of Medicago denticulata against paracetamol-induced hepatotoxicity in rabbits 45 e13985
2.) S. Ahmad, S. Khan, Alam Zeb, SWA. Shah, B. Ahmad, AA. Khan, W. Ali, NZ. Khan Evaluation of analgesic, antiamnesic and antidiarrheal potentials of Medicago Denticulata extract in male Balb/C mice 28 6352-6358
3.) B. Ahmad, A. M. Yousafzai, Alam Zeb, AA. Khan, M. Attaullah, S. Ahmad In-vitro and in-vivo evaluation of the antibacterial potential of Typha elephantine 38 1-7
4.) B. Ahmad, A. M. Yousafzai, Alam Zeb, W. Ali, NZ. Khan, M. Aasim, S. Ahmad, S. Ullah, AA. Khan, F. Naz Therapeutic role of Typha elephantine leaves aqueous extracts in paracetamol intoxicated rabbits 34 737-745
5.) SM. Sabir, Alam Zeb, M. Mahmood, SR. Abbas, Z. Ahmad, N. Iqbal Phytochemical analysis and biological activities of ethanolic extract of Curcuma longa rhizome 81 737-740
6.) Alam Zeb A comprehensive review on different classes of polyphenolic compounds present in edible oils 143 110312
7.) M. Zahoor, I. Khan, Alam Zeb, MUK. Sahibzada, S. Naz, WU Bari, AW Kamran Pharmacological evaluation and in-silico modeling study of compounds isolated from Ziziphus oxyphylla 7 e06367
Mohammad Hanif Khan
Sr no. Author(s) Title Publication Year Journal Volume(Issue) Pages URL
2.) Mohammad Hanif Khan Khan Effect of Performance Appraisal on Employees’ Satisfaction: A Case Study of University of Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
3.) Mohammad Hanif Khan Khan Examining the Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Organizational Performance: The Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment
4.) Mohammad Hanif Khan Khan Impediments of Tourism in Dir Lower: The Way Forward
5.) Mohammad Hanif Khan Khan Improving Supply Chain Management through Human Resource Practices: Empirical Evidence from Pakistani SMEs
6.) Mohammad Hanif Khan Khan Instructional Leadership at Government Secondary Schools: An Analytical Study
7.) Mohammad Hanif Khan Khan Interplay of Organizational Commitment and Job Performance in Academic Sector
8.) Mohammad Hanif Khan Khan Nexus of Transformational Leadership and Employees’ Job Performance in Telecom Sector Pakistan
9.) Mohammad Hanif Khan Khan Practices and Facilities for Knowledge Management in Universities of Pakistan
10.) Mohammad Hanif Khan Khan The Effect of Total Quality Management on Firm Performance with the Mediating Roles of Innovation and Knowledge Management in Small Medium Enterprises
11.) Mohammad Hanif Khan Khan The Impact of Mission and Involvement on Employees’ Performance in Hotel Sector of Pakistan
12.) Mohammad Hanif Khan Khan The Importance of Organizational Justice, Appraisal Purposes and Employee Satisfaction in Performance Appraisal System in Academic Sector of Pakistan
13.) Mohammad Hanif Khan Khan The Influence of Training and Development on Organizational Commitment of Academicians in Pakistan
14.) Mohammad Hanif Khan Khan The Moderating Effect of Employee Satisfaction on the Relationship of GoalSetting and Purposes, Fairness and Rating Scale Format with Employee Job Performance
15.) Mohammad Hanif Khan Khan The Role of Rater Motivation and Training in Effective Performance Appraisal System in Public Sector Universities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
16.) Mohammad Hanif Khan Khan Tourism in Quarantine; Living in the COVID-19 Era
Dr. Mian Muhammad
Sr no. Author(s) Title Publication Year Journal Volume(Issue) Pages URL
1.) M. Khan, M. Muhammad, Z. A. AlOthman, W. J. Cheong, F. Ali Synthesis of monolith silica anchored graphene oxide composite with enhanced adsorption capacities for carbofuran and imidacloprid 2022 Scientific Reports 12 17
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43.) M. Adil, S. Alam, U. Amin, I. Ullah, M. Muhammad, M. Ullah, A. Rehman & T. Khan Efficient green silver nanoparticles-antibiotic combinations against antibiotic-resistant bacteria 2023 AMB Express 13 115
computer Science & IT
Dr. Sehat Ullah
Sr no. Author(s) Title Publication Year Journal Volume(Issue) Pages URL
1.) Virtual Reality 113
Department Of Archaeology
Department of Social Work
Dr. Sajjad Hussain
Sr no. Author(s) Title Publication Year Journal Volume(Issue) Pages URL
1.) Sajjad Hussain, Hamid Alam, Adnan Khan CoronaVirus Disease (COVID-19) and Women in Pakistan
2.) Hamid Alam, Dr. Basharat Hussain, Dr. Sajjad Hussain, Remarriage of Elderly Widows and Widowers in Pakhtun Culture
3.) Sajjad Hussain, Akhtar Munir, Muhammad Ibrar Children with disability: Problems and challenges in Pakistan
Islamic Studies
Journalism and Mass Communication
Managment studies
Dr. Amir Ali
Sr no. Author(s) Title Publication Year Journal Volume(Issue) Pages URL
Kainat Zia
Sr no. Author(s) Title Publication Year Journal Volume(Issue) Pages URL
1.) Multicultural Education 09
2.) Journal of Positive School Psychology 07
3.) Webology 18
4.) Human Nature Journal of Social Sciences 03
5.) Pakistan Journal of Society Education and Language (PJSEL) 09
6.) Sir Syed Journal of Education & Social Research 05
7.) Open Access Library Journal (OALib) 2014
8.) Rawal Medical Journal 48
Sikandar Khan
Sr no. Author(s) Title Publication Year Journal Volume(Issue) Pages URL
1.) Sikandar Khan, MS,1 Amira Amjad, MS,1 and David Rowland, PhD2 Potential for Long-Term Benefit of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as an Adjunct Treatment for Men with Erectile Dysfunction
2.) Sikandar Khan, MS,1 Amira Amjad, MS,1 and David Rowland, PhD2 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as an adjunct treatment for Pakistani men with ED September 2017 202-206
Political Science & Pakistan Studies
social work
Software Engineering